Friday, October 3, 2008

What a weird week

So my ex sister in law cheated on my brother and left him and my niece out to dry. She goes back and forth on wanting custody and not wanting custody. My brother had a court date for Oct 1. We all assumed everything would go fine. The judge has already given custody to my brother so we all thought it would go the same way again. Both parties are re-married, and my ex-sister in law has a newborn at home.

However, the social worker has for some reason reccomended that custody go to the mother. There was no indication as to why, my brother has always provided, my niece is in a loving home, three months into school and getting straight A's. Why would anyone reccomend changing that? There was nothing on the form to indicate why it was reccomended for the mother but it seems that it usually defaults that way.

The court date has been postponed again. This is seriously just draining me. This past 2 weeks has been nothing but a roller coaster between family members losing their jobs, the court date getting postponed etc... The plus side is that the social worker will be on the stand and judge overseeing the trialame judge who awarded my brother custody in the first place.

So that has been taking up my time lately....just worrying about my niece and brother.